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LED Light Bars:

LED light bars really open up endless options for lighting combos, they come in so many different sizes and shapes which allow them to be mounted anywhere on a vehicle. The light bars also use far less amps and watts of power to run than any other type of light. This also allows for more lights to be added and used all at the same time without installing bigger alternators to make up for the amps being pulled out of the battery.The amount of vision provided by a 1m light bar is massive, thou expensive nothing else can beat the amount of spread and distance at low watts and amps like an LED off road light bar. Light bars come in sizes from 6inches (152mm) to a whopping 48inches (1219mm).The light bars provide spread and distance at the same time, this really makes it simpler to just setup one light bar opposed to combining spot and flood lights to get the same effect. As mentioned above the light bars come in different sizes and shapes. The early light bars could have 3-4 rows, since about 2010 2 rowed light bars were the norm as the LEDs increased in watts/output of light, as of late 2013 the single row lights are starting to take hold as the main choice for powerful light output. Most light bars pre 2012 were 3 watts LEDs now 10 watt+ LEDs are available which brought about the single rowed LED light bars.

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