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Shipping Within India shipping is free of charge.

International Ordering & Shipping Policy Sparesshack/Coffeeshack

Placing International Orders

Most of the products that we carry are available for international shipping.

Orders are considered international when a shipment is sent to an address outside India or when the

billing address for the credit car used to pay for the order is an address outside this area.

Ordering by website – For countries that qualify for website orders, international shipping costs are

calculated by our website system. It is common that specific country logistics require that we contact you

to confirm your shipping arrangements, and final costs may differ.

Ordering by other methods – If our website will not process an international order for your country,

please contact us via any of the alternate methods below.

If you prefer, for shipments to any location world wide, you can also contact us by:

  Email at:

  Telephone Mon - Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -8 hours, daylight saving time: +1 hour.)
         9698887333  International Calls: +919698887333 ,

International orders are non-refundable and all sales are final. By placing an order on our website all international customers agree to these terms.

Order Shipping
When your order is placed, we will contact you via email within two business days with the final shipping estimate for your order. You will be notified of the final shipping cost before your order is processed, and this may result in an additional charge or a refund. We will not ship an order internationally without your prior approval and payment of the final shipping charges. (Please see Order Payment below.)

For all international shipments,  Sparesshack/Coffeeshack uses Speedpost or give us your Dhl or toher account number to ship out in your account number  .
Due to the daily fluctuation in exchange rates, all price quotes will be given in U.S. dollars only. Shipping costs do not include duty, tax, or brokerage fees.

International orders are shipped only when all ordered items are in-stock to eliminate a second shipping charge.

All goods are shipped duties and taxes collect and Sparesshack/Coffeeshack  is not responsible for customs, duties, taxes, broker fees, nor any return shipping. All such charges are the responsibility of the receiver.

Order Payment
Orders with a total value (including shipping) less than US$100 may be paid by credit card.

Orders with a total value (including shipping) exceeding US$100 are required to pay via TTF/wire transfer prior to shipment.

Post Order Payment and Charges
Although goods are shipped duties and taxes collect, it is possible that the shipping company may bill Sparesshack/Coffeeshack for customs, duties, taxes, broker fees. if this occurs, all international customers agree that Sparesshack/Coffeeshackmay bill the customer and charge their credit card on file for all such charges without advance notice to or authorization from the customer. By placing an order on our website all international customers agree to these terms.


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