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What are the differences between H4 bulbs and 9005/90049004 are low/high beams 45/65watts9005

What are the differences between H4 bulbs and 9005/9004

9004 are low/high beams 45/65watts 9005 are high beams 60-65watts 9006 are low beams 55watts 9007 are low/high beam 55/60-65watts 9003 are low/high beam 55/60-65watts H3 are 55watts 9006 have a higher lumens in low beam. 9005 have a higher lumins in high beam. 9003 have a higher lumens than 9007. 9004 have the lowest. Lumens=light output. The higher lumens, the higher color temperature. It doesn't mean the bulb is brighter. Keep in mind that the blue bulbs that claim 80+watts from a standard 55/60-65watt bulbs aren't true. They just have the same color temperature and hotspot as an 80watt bulb, BUT they aren't any brighter. Remember, it still is a bulb that is consuming 55/60-65watts but giving out 12volts. Keep in mind that these are factory bulbs. You can always upgrade with high wattage. The difference between these bulbs are the sockets. They all are different size and design. I have read about some Camry owners cutting and sizing their 9005 highbeams in the 9006 lowbeam sockets. As with others on here, I have had good experience with PIAA SuperWhites. Others on here have tried Philips Blue Vision, Sylvania CoolBlues, GE Super Blue, Wagner Brite Lite and have had positive experience. If you really want the "HID" look, only a retro fit HID system can give you that exact look. HID bulbs consume 35watts, which means your housing and sockets will not melt. They do though, give out 25,000volts which makes them as bright as a 135watt halogen bulb.

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